The Tattle Tale

In multi cat home where there is a good bit of competition, the tattle tale is the comic relief.

My Tattle tale is Tiberius (On the left in photo). Tiberius weighs about 23 lbs and is the big bully of the house. His mew sounds like a baby crying and he whines all the time. He is constantly seeking my approval. I had never thought of Tibby as a tattle tale. He would sometimes come to my room in the middle of the night and wake me up with his excessive whining and baby crying mew. My response was always the same,  GO!, it’s 4:00 AM and I am not feeding you this early. I’m sleeping, lay down , go to sleep!

One morning (4:00 AM) Tibby came to my bed, adamant that I was going to get up. I was head butted continuously by his wet nosed face and when I rolled over to get away, pretending to be sleeping,  he tapped me on the shoulder and cried his awful whine. I got up laughing and joked: “What’s wrong Tibby, little Joey fell in the well again?”  As my feet hit the floor, he took off. I followed him to the sun room that looks out over our pool. Tibby had jumped up on the perch by the window. In my swimming pool were a family of raccoons, a whole family, seven of them, a mom, dad and a bunch of teenagers. They were swimming and bathing in my pool.  Tibby and I watched the raccoons play for about 10 minutes, it never occurred to me at the time to get my camera. I regret that. I had never seen a family of raccoons play together as they were. When they finally left, I thanked Tibs with a few catnip treats and went back to bed.

A few days later, Tibby came to the room to wake me up, as usual it was 4 AM. I begrudgingly got up and followed him to the kitchen. On my just cleaned tile floor were five cats rolling and stretched out in a vast pile of cat nip. Iddy (Right in photo), the little sneak of the family, had managed to get the food cabinet open, and I had not tightened the lid on the catnip container. Iddy had knocked it onto the floor and the party began. Tibby of course, had to tell.

There were many times prior to these incidents that Tibs had come to me in the same manner in the middle of the night. I had always ignored him. I no longer do this. Tibs may save my life one day with his tattle tale habits. What if the house were on fire or something else bad had happened? I have a greater appreciation for Tibs than ever before.

If you have a tattle tale in your home, listen. He or she might just be telling you something you need to know.