The Perch Personalities

Every Cat has a unique personality.  In most cases I believe their Personalities are highly influenced by their relationship with you. This is especially true if you adopted the cat as a young kitten. There are some things that are just genetically wired. I have two cats that were taken from a colony when they were about 7 weeks old. Their personalities are much different than the cats that came from the shelter, and the cats that were “found rescues,” even though they were raised in the same environment together.

The two colony cats have become obese and are always seeking food even though there is an abundance of it readily available. They also both love the hunt.

The shelter cat is always seeking attention, is extremely jealous, and gets angry when her needs are not met. She will pee on my clothes when I don’t allow her to sleep on my pillow. I have had to isolate her in a bedroom on some occasions because of her behavior either towards me or the other cats. I have had this cat since she was 8 weeks old. She wants to be the top cat and has a serious inferiority complex, she will sit and watch me play with another cat, and rather than get involved and play herself, her feelings get hurt and she acts out. On the other hand, if you give her the attention she desires, she begins to bully the other cats. She is an example of the type of cat that needs a one cat home.

The found cats tend to be very skittish, in both cases they were found as starving kittens, one in fact was 13 weeks old and appeared to be less than 5 weeks. So much so I bottle fed him over the weekend before getting him to the vet only to find out he was 13 weeks old and had I not fed him by hand he probably would have died. He sat in his little cage for 7 days and ate until his strength came back. He is now three years old. His name is Iddy.  He is still small and weighs only about 3 lbs.

The other found cat has a personality very similar to Iddy, she is very skittish and neither like anyone coming in the home. They will hide and are very timid even hours after the visitor has left. I am not sure why the behaviors seem to have common elements except that their past histories have many things in common.

I have found that older cats make the best companions.  I have had 4 older cats and they all had one major thing in common, appreciation. My older cats Dan and Chop Suey were very special animals. You can read Dan’s story here.