Scams and Such

Anytime someone scams an animal lover’s group or organization, they are taking away food, shelter, heath care, and the possibility of a loving home from an abandoned or unwanted animal.


I want our animal community to help Perched Kitty and every time I come across issues related to the use and misuse of funds that have been donated for an individual or group cause, I come to realize how important an organization like Perched Kitty can be, yet, I also realize how scammers effect how much trust is offered to me and my project. We’ve not raised a lot of money, but what we do raise will be accounted for and used as we have outlined. As of this writing, we have raised $60.00 through our contest entry fees. It isn’t much, but if it were all we ever raise, it would buy 30 lbs. of cat food or more that we could give to a rescue organization. That would be something we could be proud of even if our project never gets off the ground. And we could tell those donors where that money went and show them how their money was used.