Kitty Terms of Use

Registered visitors to this site are designated as “Subscribers” for the purposes of identification within these Terms of Service. Perched is designated as “The Site” for purposes of identification within these Terms of Service.


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Data Collection

This site does not use cookies nor does it collect data about it’s users or visitors. Registered users are required to provide a name, address, phone number, and an email for the purposes of identification when uploading content to The Site. This information is not shared with any entity. Once submitted by the Subscriber, and confirmed by The Site, the information is removed from the server and archived offline.

Fair Use

Subscriber content may be used by The Site for Non-commercial purposes. Non-commercial use includes posting of content on The Site, The Site’s Facebook Page, Twitter Account and/or other Social Media as deemed appropriate by The Site. The Site agrees to include credit to the Subscriber and/or copyright holder with any Subscriber uploaded content used for Media purposes.