Guarding the Litter


I woke up this morning to a nasty little present on my bathroom rug. I understand why this happened and I am responsible. I bought a new scratch pad. The X shaped one that cats can lounge on (see photo). Not thinking, I placed the lounger next to the couch which overlooks both the entrance to the litter room and to the kitchen where everyone eats.

My cat Sushi is extremely manipulative. She will have you thinking that she is the victim of everyone else’s abuse. She is beautiful and has the most subtle sounding mew.

Sushi had taken up residence on the new scratch perch. For the first week there were no problems, but Sushi truly hates Idgy and has seriously tried to injure her on several occasions. I have a routine that keeps Idgy out of Sushi’s way. They go in and out through different doors, and Idgy has her own food and water bowls a good distance from where Sushi and the other cats have their kibble.

The only problem I could not resolve was placement of the litter boxes, but there seemed to be a peace between them with the food separation so I worried little about the litter box issue.

Sushi has begun to use her position on the perch as a way to intimidate Idgy by preventing her from reaching the litter box. There are two entries to the food area so there is no problem with Idgy getting to the food. Apparently last night, Sushi was on her worst behavior. I heard Idgy mewing at me on several occasions in our room but I was so comfortable I did not respond. I figured she was just being Idgy (she howls when she wants to go out).

It turns out that Sushi spent the night on the scratch perch and blocked Idgy from the litter box. So, I have cleaned up the little present I was left with and have moved the scratch perch into a position that does not allow Sushi to block the litter room.

Lesson learned.