Ghost Cat?

About twenty years ago I had a cat that slept on my bed with me every night. One night she hissed several times and suddenly jumped off the bed. About 15 minutes or so later I felt her jump back on the bed and snuggle behind my knees. I thought this was a bit unusual as she usually slept right at my feet on the corner of the bed.  I was on my side and as I adjusted to make her more comfortable, I opened my eyes and saw her sitting on the top of the dresser, staring at the bed. Every hair on my arms and head stood on end and I jumped up, grabbed the blankets, and moved backwards away from the bed. I though someone or some animal had gotten in and climbed in the bed with me. There was however, nothing there.

I had never experienced this before and the spirit feline stayed with me for about 15 years. My living cat and I adjusted after awhile and we just sort of accepted the cats presence.  The spirit only came out at bedtime and always snuggled behind my knees. Movement on my part would cause the spirit to disappear but it always came back within a few minutes. I jokingly named the spirit fluffy, as I could feel him or her kneed the blanket before settling in. When my living cat passed away, fluffy stayed.

I do not know where this spirit cat came from. I had not experienced any cat deaths since I was a young child, so I could not figure out why this feline spirit had come to live with me. I think perhaps he or she just wandered by and saw that I had a cat and decided to join the family. Then one day, as suddenly as it appeared, it stopped coming. I actually missed the creepy feeling I would get when it jumped in the bed and kneaded the blankets. Maybe it found a new family to hang out with, or maybe it finally went home.

Author, Anna Stone

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