There are a great number of “Go Fund Me” appeals out there. We have chosen a few specific ones to include here. Keep in mind that you should err on the side of caution when donating to any online fund raiser from an unknown source. The funds and/or appeals we list here have been widely shared, and the fund owner has included them publicly in their own social media. We looked closely at their social media and all have been listed for more than a year, have lots of photos of themselves and friends, and many posts that in our minds give these fund raisers legitimacy. Click any image to find out more.


The Perched Kitty Fund

Our own appeal on Go Fund me. I include this so that our readers can get an idea of our specific goals and our needs. Dan RIP






Kitty Love Rescue

Kitty Love rescue in Valdosta, GA is closing its doors because they cannot afford to continue. Please get in touch if you can help save them. They have informed me that they have about $3000.00 in vet bills and other needs. They also need reliable fosters. We are a family of cats and Kitty Love needs help.  Any help with Vet bills would be a wonderful gesture. Contact them if you would like to help and they will provide you with the vet information to facilitate your help. You can go straight to their PayPal from this link.