The Original Perched Kitty

Perched Kitty is a website, VLOG, and audio podcast all about cats. I started Perched Kitty as a blog about my own cats, although from the beginning I wanted to make it something that could help others who rescue animals. I have six cats, all of whom are rescue cats. Each one has a story and those stories make up the idea behind Perched Kitty. I have conducted a great deal of research about cats because I wanted to understand my own cats’ behaviors. When you have six cats, understanding them is paramount to living with them peacefully, especially when their distinct personalities come into play in their interaction with me and with each other.

We are currently seeking a 501 (3)(c) organization as an Umbrella sponsor for the organization. Our previous sponsor is undergoing redevelopment and has informed me that they are no longer able to honor their agreement with Perched Kitty. We have cancelled our contests until we can locate a new sponsor. 

The Perched Kitty Show is our major platform to spread the word about our project and garner support from other animal advocates. Our primary goal is to establish a foundation that will provide grant funding for rescue, trap and release, disaster assistance and other programs that provide emergency assistance for animal care, feeding, rescue transportation, and other needs. The fund will support cats, dogs, and equines. 



1. To increase the presence of our media platforms and increase the quality and audience participation for the Perched Kitty Show.

2. To raise funds to pay for our attorney fees to ensure our organization complies with all non-profit rules and regulations.

3. To establish a trust account to fund our national outreach programs

4. To build our credibility in the animal rights and animal activists community and establish a firm donor base.

Use Of Funds


These funds will be used for the following purposes:

1. 55% To establish the animal care fund trust account and pay legal and non-profit filing fees.

2. 20% to improve the quality and web presence of the Perched Kitty media platforms and the Perched Kitty Show

3. 15% to purchase a lap top, digital recorder, digital video camera, microphones and sound equipment that will be used to conduct interviews with organizations and others that will be featured on the Perched Kitty Show.

4. 10% to pay for travel expenses necessary to promote Perched Kitty at cat events and shows and to conduct remote interviews.



Great Reasons to support the development of Perched Kitty


  1. Perched Kitty can work with multiple organizations to ensure that your donation is used for the good of an animal or animals.
  2. Perched Kitty works to research and verify that all donations go to legitimate purposes.
  3. Donors can recommend animal charities or specific causes they wish to support (Pending legitimacy review and the type of cause).


What we do not support

 Perched Kitty does not condone declawing, unwarranted euthanasia.

Perched Kitty will not provide funding for individuals who do not spay and neuter their animals.

Perched Kitty does not pay funds directly to individuals only to approved providers of services.

Perched Kitty does not provide funding to organizations that are not 501 (3) (c) charities. (Some exceptions may be made for approved colony keepers and trap and release programs with verification of projects).

Perched Kitty does not support organizations that are being investigated by any authority for animal neglect or cruelty.

Perched Kitty does not support organizations that participate in eco-terrorism or other illegal activities that may include the freeing of animals from labs or zoos.

Perched Kitty does not provide support for organizations that have been operating for less than one year.


Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity,

Patricia Saunders